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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Even in 1888 low wage immigrants were putting American men out of work: Illustration in Puck Magazine

"A cartoon in Puck from 1888 attacked businessmen for welcoming large numbers of low paid immigrants, leaving the American men unemployed. [309]"


"It wasn't easy being funny in America (or anywhere, for that matter) back in the early 20th century—however, Puck locked it down by being the first successful humor magazine in the U.S. with political satire, and full-color cartoons. 

Running from 1871 to 1918, Puck reinforced American constitutional ideals while poking fun at famous political figures like James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, and Theodore Roosevelt."



After 20 years of NAFTA, 1994-2014, 1 million U.S. jobs lost, doubling of desperate immigration from Mexico to US, downward pressure on US wages, middle class pay cuts, $360 million tax dollars paid to winners in autonomous NAFTA courts-Lori Wallach, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

"Loss of 1 million net U.S. jobs under NAFTA, growing income inequality, displacement of more than one million Mexican campesino farmers and a doubling of desperate immigration from Mexico, and more than $360 million paid to corporations after “investor-state” tribunals."

Feb., 2014, "NAFTA at 20: One Million U.S. Jobs Lost, Higher Income Inequality," Lori Wallach, Huffington Post (Lori Wallach is Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch)

"My New Year’s celebrations this year were haunted by memories of January 1, 1994--the day that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) went into effect. I remember crying that day, thinking about the proud men and women in union halls across America, the Mexican campesinos and the inspiring Canadian activists I had met during the fight against NAFTA, and hoping desperately that our dire predictions would be proved wrong. They were not. In short order, the damage started. And, we started to document it. 

For NAFTA’s unhappy 20th anniversary, Public Citizen has published a report that details the wreckage. Not only did promises made by NAFTA’s proponents not materialize, but many results are exactly the opposite.

Such outcomes include a staggering $181 billion U.S. trade deficit with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada and the related loss of 1 million net U.S. jobs under NAFTA, growing income inequality, displacement of more than one million Mexican campesino farmers and a doubling of desperate immigration from Mexico, and more than $360 million paid to corporations after “investor-state” tribunal attacks on, and rollbacks of, domestic public interest policies. 

The study makes for a blood-boiling read. For instance, we track the specific promises made by U.S. corporations like GE, Chrysler and Caterpillar to create specific numbers of American jobs if NAFTA was approved, and reveal government data showing that instead, they fired U.S. workers and moved operations to Mexico.

The data also show how post-NAFTA trade and investment trends have contributed to middle-class pay cuts, which in turn contributed to growing income inequality; how since NAFTA, U.S. trade deficit growth with Mexico and Canada has been 45 percent higher than with countries not party to a U.S. Free Trade Agreement, and how U.S. manufacturing exports to Canada and Mexico have grown at less than half the pre-NAFTA rate. 

NAFTA’s actual outcomes prove how damaging this type of agreement is for most people, demonstrating why NAFTA should be renegotiated or terminated. The evidence makes clear that we cannot have any more such deals that include job-offshoring incentives, requirements we import food that doesn’t meet our safety standards or new rights for firms to get taxpayer compensation before foreign tribunals for laws they don’t like. 

Given NAFTA’s record of damage, it is equal parts disgusting and infuriating that now President Barack Obama has joined the corporate Pinocchios who lied about NAFTA, recycling similar claims to try to sell the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is NAFTA on steroids.

As Americans have lived with NAFTA’s effects since its Jan. 1, 1994, start, public opinion has shifted dramatically, from a narrow divide during the 1993 NAFTA debate to overwhelming opposition today. A 2012 Angus Reid Public Opinion poll found that 53 percent of Americans believe the U.S. should “do whatever is necessary” to “renegotiate” or “leave” NAFTA, while only 15 percent believe the U.S. should “continue to be a member of NAFTA.” That opposition cuts across party lines, class divisions and education levels, perhaps explaining the growing controversy over the proposed deepening and expansion of the NAFTA model through the TPP. 

This transpartisan public opposition to NAFTA-style pacts is what underlies the growing transpartisan opposition in Congress to President Obama’s request that Congress delegate away its constitutional authorities through Fast Track trade authority."... 

[Ed. note: Re: "Fast Track trade authority," the entire political class loves it. See 4/21/2015 WSJ op-ed urging "Fast Track Authority" on global trade deals be given to Obama--co-authored by globalists Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, duplicitously titled, "Putting Congress in Charge on Trade," "‘Fast track’ authority will give lawmakers more say over agreements that are vital for economic growth."] 

(continuing): "Were it not for Fast Track’s creation of a legislative luge run through Congress for NAFTA, the deal would not have been implemented. 

Fast Track was an extreme scheme cooked up by Richard Nixon that was only ever used 16 times, [as of Feb. 2014] including for NAFTA. It empowered a president to sign a trade agreement before Congress voted on it with a guarantee that the executive branch can write legislation not subject to committee markup that would implement the pact and alter wide swaths of existing U.S. law. Fast Track guaranteed House and Senate votes on this bill within 90 days, with all floor amendments forbidden and a maximum of 20 hours of debate. 

[Ed. note: Ms. Wallach, you say, "Fast Track was an extreme scheme cooked up by Richard Nixon." It's good to learn the history of Fast Track, but globalist Nixon is long gone. Many are unaware of "extreme schemes cooked up" by current Fast Track salesmen such as Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan.]

(continuing): "In the 19 years since NAFTA and the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization were passed under Fast Track, Congress has woken up to the fact that these pacts rewrite wide swaths of non-trade laws, and Democratic and GOP presidents have had a hard time convincing Congress to put on the Fast Track handcuffs."...

[Ed. note: Ms. Wallach, you give the political class too much credit. They care only about themselves and their globalist donors. The country doesn't exist to them. See 4/21/2015 WSJ op-ed urging "Fast Track Authority" on global trade deals be given to Obama--penned by so-called "Republicans" Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan, duplicitously entitled, "Putting Congress in Charge on Trade," "‘Fast track’ authority will give lawmakers more say over agreements that are vital for economic growth

(continuing): "Fast Track has only been in effect for five years (2002-2007) since then (1994). The same coalition of chronic U.S.-job-offshorers, agribusiness monopolists, Big Pharma, oil and gas giants and the think tanks they fund are gearing up a big push to revive Fast Track because they know that is the only way the TPP could get through Congress. 

Among the findings of the NAFTA at 20 study:
  • Rather than creating in any year the net 200,000 jobs per year promised by former President Bill Clinton on the basis of Peterson Institute for International Economics projections, job loss from NAFTA began rapidly:
American manufacturing jobs were lost as U.S. firms used NAFTA’s new foreign investor privileges to relocate production to Mexico to take advantage of that country’s lower wages and weaker environmental standards. U.S. job erosion worsened as a new flood of NAFTA imports swamped gains in exports, creating a massive new trade deficit that equated to an estimated net loss of one million U.S. jobs by 2004. 

A small pre-NAFTA U.S. trade surplus of 2.5 billion with Mexico turned into a huge new deficit, and a pre-NAFTA 29.1 billion deficit with Canada exploded. The NAFTA-spurred job loss has not abated during NAFTA’s second decade, as the burgeoning post-NAFTA U.S. trade deficit with Canada and Mexico has not declined.

More than 845,000 U.S. workers in the manufacturing sector have been certified for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) since NAFTA because they lost their jobs due to imports from Canada and Mexico or the relocation of factories to those countries. The TAA program is quite narrow, covering only a subset of jobs lost at manufacturing facilities, and is difficult to qualify for. Thus, the NAFTA TAA numbers significantly undercount NAFTA job loss.

NAFTA contributed to downward pressure on U.S. wages and growing income inequality. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, two out of every three displaced manufacturing workers who were rehired in 2012 experienced wage reductions, most of more than 20 percent. As increasing numbers of workers displaced from manufacturing jobs joined the glut of workers competing for non-offshorable, low-skill jobs in sectors such as hospitality and food service, real wages have also fallen in these sectors since NAFTA. The resulting downward pressure on wages has fueled recent growth in income inequality. 

Scores of NAFTA countries’ environmental and health laws have been challenged in foreign tribunals through the controversial “investor-state” dispute resolution system. Foreign corporations have extracted more than 360 million in compensation from NAFTA governments via investor-state tribunal challenges against toxics bans, land-use rules, water and forestry policies and more. More than 12.4 billion is currently pending in such claims, including challenges of medicine patent policies, a fracking moratorium and a renewable energy program.
  • The average annual U.S. agricultural trade deficit with Mexico and Canada under NAFTA stands at $800 million, more than twice the pre-NAFTA level. U.S. beef imports from Mexico and Canada, for example, have risen 130 percent since NAFTA. This stands in stark contrast to the promises made to U.S. farmers and ranchers that NAFTA would allow them to export their way to newfound wealth and farm income stability. Despite an overall 188 percent rise in food imports from Canada and Mexico under NAFTA, the average nominal price of food in the United States has jumped 65 percent since NAFTA went into effect. 
  • The reductions in consumer goods prices that have materialized have not been sufficient to offset the losses to wages under NAFTA. U.S. workers without college degrees (63 percent of the workforce) likely have lost a net amount equal to 12.2 percent of their wages under NAFTA-style trade even after accounting for gains from cheaper goods. This net loss means a loss of more than 3,300 per year for a worker earning the median annual wage of 27,500. 
  • The export of subsidized U.S. corn did increase under NAFTA, destroying the livelihoods of more than one million Mexican campesino farmers and about 1.4 million additional Mexican workers whose livelihoods depended on agriculture.
  • The desperate migration of those displaced from Mexico’s rural economy pushed down wages in Mexico’s border maquiladora factory zone and contributed to a doubling of Mexican immigration to the United States following NAFTA’s implementation. 
Though the price paid to Mexican farmers for corn plummeted after NAFTA, the deregulated retail price of tortillas - Mexico’s staple food - shot up 279 percent in the pact’s first 10 years. 

Facing displacement, rising prices and stagnant wages, more than half the Mexican population, and more than 60 percent of the rural population, still falls below the poverty line, despite the promises that NAFTA would bring broad prosperity to Mexicans. 

Real wages in Mexico have fallen significantly below pre-NAFTA levels as price increases for basic consumer goods have exceeded wage increases. A minimum wage earner in Mexico today can buy 38 percent fewer consumer goods than on the day that NAFTA took effect. Despite promises that NAFTA would benefit Mexican consumers by granting access to cheaper imported products, the cost of basic consumer goods in Mexico has risen to seven times the pre-NAFTA level, while the minimum wage stands at only four times the pre-NAFTA level. 

Despite the overwhelming evidence of NAFTA’s failure, the Obama administration has made it a priority for this year to sign the TPP, a sweeping pact with 11 Pacific Rim nations premised on expanding the NAFTA model. Past efforts to expand NAFTA throughout Latin America via a Free Trade Area of the Americas and to Asia via an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Free Trade Agreement failed as the major economies in each region sought to avoid the damage they observed NAFTA causing within the United States and Mexico. 

Given NAFTA’s devastating outcomes, few of the corporations or think tanks that sold it as a boon for all of us in the 1990s like to talk about it, but the reality is that their promises failed as millions of people were severely harmed. 

Now the same interests that dished out lies to sell NAFTA are at it again to push the TPP, but the difference is that 20 years of the NAFTA experience has turned Americans against these sorts of deals. 

If there is any upside to NAFTA, let it be that its 20 years of damage helps to build the activism outside, and the sense of political liability inside, Congress that are needed to ensure that Fast Track is permanently dust-binned and the NAFTA model is not expanded through TPP." 

Feb. 2014, "NAFTA's twenty year legacy and the fate of the Trans-Pacific Partnership,"  



Largest population transfer on earth 1990-2017 has been Mexico to United States. 12.7 million Mexicans reside in US as of 2017-UN International Migration Reports

2016, "International Migration Report 2015," by the United Nations, Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs 

For two decades, 1990-2010, the largest population transfer on earth remained Mexico to the United States:

*1990-2000: US added 5 million Mexicans, 500,000 annually:

(p. 21-23, pdf): "Mexico to USA was the largest bilateral migration corridor in the world, with an annual average of nearly 500,000 migrants born in Mexico being added to the population of the United States of America from 1990 to 2000. Fig. I6" [5 million over ten years]
UN chart, page 22, pdf

*2000-2010: US added 2.4 million Mexicans, 240,000 annually:

page 23, pdf: "During the period from 2000 to 2010...Mexico-USA continued to be the corridor with the largest gain--on average, around 240,000 additional migrants per year." 


An estimated 12.7 million Mexicans reside in the US as of 2017, up from 9.4 million in 2000:

2017, "International Migration Report," United Nations Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs

page 14: "Migratory movements between pairs of countries are referred to as “bilateral corridors”. The largest bilateral corridor in 2017 was that between Mexico and the United States of America. The latter hosted 98 per cent of all Mexican-born individuals (12.7 million) residing abroad (figure 8)."


Comment: Via its open borders policies, the US political class continues to be the safety valve for tyrannical and incompetent governments around the world including Mexico. Such governments have no incentive to change as long as US taxpayers are offered up as global slaves to anyone who walks by.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Majority of media on display today are unfit, incurious, filled with hatred, too unstable to discharge their Constitutional duties. Montage of their attempts to impress each other or to be lead items in the news by trying to ruin career of White House physician first appointed by Obama-Rush Limbaugh, Jan. 17, 2018

Dr. Ronny Jackson was first appointed lead White House physician by Obama in July 2013...."This is the same bunch of people now obsessed claiming Trump is dangerously overweight, the same people that want Oprah to be president." Scroll down for montage of 20 media quotes:

1/17/18, "Current Crop of Drive-By Media Actors Are Unfit," Rush Limbaugh

"RUSH: Man, this is funny. The Drive-Bys don’t know what to do. They don’t know which story to lose their minds over first today. Bannon talking to Mueller or Trump’s physical and the fact that he’s in better shape than 90% of the media....They don’t know what to focus on first.

So they always come down on what they think will be the easiest path to destroying Trump. And since the health news happened before the Bannon news today, they’ll probably go with Bannon, so we will spend adequate time in that....

Ladies and gentlemen, the childish display, the childish exposition and behavior of the Drive-By Media yesterday once again has proven me right. The bizarre questions, the unhinged, childish, so transparently desirous questions from our Drive-By Media regarding the health of President Trump, has proved something...that I highlighted yesterday. They believe this....

Like I told the audience at the Media Research Center gala that I keynote addressed back last fall, the danger here is that while they are actors, they do believe this stuff, folks! And their believability transfers to some of the brain-dead members of their audiences.

The media believes--they’re not just trying to create the illusion--the media believes that Donald Trump is not fit to be president. 

The media believes he is in the early onset stages of either Alzheimer’s or dementia. They believe that he is mentally teetering on the edge and with a gentle nudge daily from them, that they can send him over it. They believe he can’t read. They believe he literally sits on his bed in the residence scarfing down Quarter Pounders with cheese and a double orders of fries. They believe that. It is not just a caricature or picture that they create. They believe it!...
I am convinced that they believe that Donald Trump ordered prostitutes to show up at his hotel room in Moscow and have them urinate on the bed and pointed out right there, “This is where Michelle and Obama were sleeping and this is where they did it, so I want you to urinate right there.” I am convinced they believe that happened.

They believe that because he eats Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with cheese and maybe even double Quarter Pounders with cheese and an extra large order of fries, they believe that he’s going to die, tomorrow, next week, hopefully tonight, maybe next month. They believe that anybody who eats cheeseburgers and fries is going to die, in addition to the fact that they are polluting the planet and destroying the climate. They believe their sick fantasies.

They believe all of these sick fantasies that they conjure up. And this is why they often confuse their opinions with being facts. They mistake their fantasies for being truth, without evidence, without reading. They believed Obamacare would do everything Obama promised. And they still do.

They believed that Obamacare would lower premiums. They believed that Obamacare would let you keep your doctor. They believed that Obamacare was the answer to American health care, and they still do. They were not interested in Obama’s history of blowing weed. They were not interested in Obama’s drug history whatsoever. They were not worried when Obama went out, snuck Five Guys hamburger joint? They weren’t worried that Obama was gonna die when he had burgers and fries. They thought it was cool that he snuck out and even evaded them until they caught up.

They believe that all of these massive, historic record cold snaps prove global warming....They believe that massive corporate tax cuts hurts employees, despite seeing widespread bonuses and wage increases. They believe all of this that they are reporting. That’s the difference. Many people on our side think they’re lying.

Well, they are, but they’re not misrepresenting their own true beliefs. The reason they are able to stay this intensely focused is they believe all of this stuff. They believe the election was stolen. They believe Donald Trump worked with Vladimir Putin and a bunch of Russian honey pots to steal the election. They aren’t just saying it to try to destroy Trump. They believe it. The reporters and reporterettes at the New York Times and CNN and the Washington Post and wherever else, they believe it. That is the difference.

They believe Donald Trump is on the verge of Alzheimer’s, insanity, and death. They believe the doctor lied in reporting Trump’s health statistics. They think that Trump is lying about his height, that he’s not 6-3, that he’s really only 6-2. And you know why that one inch makes a difference? Well, because if he’s really 6-2 and not 6-3, his weight means that he is obese. No, I’m not kidding! “He’s not 6-3, he’s 6-2, and he got the White House doctor to lie for him!”... 

So what we’re watching the media is the clown show. It is the media unfit. This current crop is entirely unfit to discharge their constitutional duties.

Well, we have to say it that way because they’re given constitutional recognition in the First Amendment. You know a Republican [Jeff Flake] is losing his mind when he goes to the floor of the United States Senate and praises the media and calls them “the truth squad” in an effort to rip Donald Trump as trying to destroy the truth and American institutions. These people--this current crop of Drive-By reporters--are unfit. They are unstable. If all it was was they are just partisan--just your usual, ordinary, everyday, standard leftist partisans--that’d be one thing. That would be tolerable.

But this is way beyond partisanship. This is way beyond bias. We’re dealing with unhinged instability. Jim Acosta yesterday had to be thrown out of wherever they were, the Roosevelt Room, and Trump shut him down with one word: “Out!” So yesterday, Acosta said, “I never thought this could happen anywhere but an authoritarian country.” Today Jeff Flake compared Donald Trump to Stalin! Right, Jeff Flake compared Donald Trump to Josef Stalin, who was a mass murderer, in the old Soviet Union.

The true Stalinists today are the American left. “Stalinist” defined as someone who demands that you think as they do and love it, demands that you agree with them and love it and love them. They will brook no discord and they will accept no intolerance. You believe them or you will be destroyed. The media, this current crop — and, by the way, not all of them, obviously. But the vast majority of the White House press corps and the big names at cable news are actually what they accuse Trump of being. They are unfit for their jobs.

They’re not reporting the news. They’re not trying to find the truth. They already think they know it. They’re actors. See where Cory Booker wanted to get in on some of that yesterday? Did you see that picture with his hands up?...You talk about unhinged? 

Cory Booker, 1/16/18
But Booker was acting ’cause he’s running for something, trying to get noticed, trying to attract the praise and support of the unhinged mainstream left....You know, people ask me frequently, “What do you mean by Drive-By Media?” ‘Cause I don’t define it very much. I think it’s self-explanatory. What’s a drive-by shooter? You’re riding along, you’re minding your own business, somebody pulls up next to you and unloads on you. A mess is created; you’re injured or killed or whatever.

What’s a Drive-By shooter do? Just keeps rolling, heading on down on the highway, waiting for the next chance to do it again — while behind him there’s a giant mess and a bunch of people hurt and injured that needs to be cleaned up. That’s the Drive-By Media. The Drive-By Media and the Russia collaboration. The Drive-By Media and Trump’s health. The Drive-By Media and take your pick! The Drive-By Media and Trump is a racist. The Drive-By Media and Trump and the s-hole story. The Drive-By Media… It’s just pull up to a story, raise hell, cause havoc.

Throw everybody upside down and then head on down the highway and do it with the next story, leaving behind you a giant mess for adults to fix and clean up. What happened in Hawaii is a perfect metaphor for how the media operates. They press panic buttons needlessly. They cause millions of people abject fear, in some cases for their lives. The media creates discord, instability, unrest. They cause people to be obsessed in pessimism and negativism. And then after it’s discovered that there is no impending disaster, there are no repercussions....

Nobody gets fired, nobody gets reprimanded, and very rarely are corrections ever substantially made. Just a brief pause before pushing the next nuclear warning button again. What happened in Hawaii with the emergency management guy that...hit the wrong button twice and they didn’t tell anybody for a half hour, is a perfect metaphor for how the Drive-By Media supposedly covers the news.

This is the same Drive-By Media that never batted an eye when Bill Clinton refused to release his medical records, even though STDs and venereal diseases and the drugs used to combat them can affect one’s mind. But they were not interested in any of that, despite everything they knew. They covered for Bill Clinton not releasing his medical records, saying it wasn’t important, that his approval ratings were sky-high; the American people didn’t care....
What we had yesterday in the White House briefing room was nothing more than Romper Room without a teacher. The Drive-By Media was the kids playing in the sandbox, not getting their toys and not getting their lunches and not getting recess. This is the same media that never questioned Hillary Clinton when she could barely stand up!

The same media that never questioned Hillary Clinton when she collapsed trying to get into a van to make a fast getaway after almost having collapsed at a 9/11 ceremony. The same media that never asked Hillary about her supposed concussions. The same media that never questioned when she was wearing those thick Coke bottle glasses because of her double vision! They said it was actually double vision; it was to prevent seizures....
There was never any concern for Hillary Clinton’s health, and we never had Sanjay Gupta or any other doctor on mainstream media telling us, “She’s not well.” But Sanjay Gupta of CNN fame yesterday said, after he heard the numbers that the White House doctor reported for Trump’s cardiovascular system, “The president has heart disease.” Did you hear that? CNN, Sanjay Gupta: “The president has heart disease.”

This is the same bunch of people now obsessed claiming Trump is dangerously overweight, the same people that want Oprah to be president. You figure it out.


RUSH: CNN had a panel…By the way, we’ve got an audio montage coming up....We put together a montage of the White House press corps asking their ridiculous, childlike questions about Trump’s health and mental health yesterday. There was even a question, “Doctor! Dr. Jackson! Is Donald Trump a drug addict?” Here’s a guy that’s never smoked. He has never consumed adult beverages. He takes aspirin. He’s not on any….

I think there’s a cholesterol medicine that he’s got a prescription for, as I recall it. But no alcohol, no tobacco, no nothing. 

Meanwhile, the previous president was in a “choom gang”! He proudly talked about it. CNN Panel Doubts Presidential Doctor, Claim He’s Just a ‘Trump Fanboy.’” The Root, the “Skip” Gates website:Did the White House Fake Trump’s Physical Results?They believe he’s insane. They believe he’s gonna die. They believe it! That’s why all this stuff, they think, is made up and faked. They believe it....


RUSH: I’m listening to these reporters accuse this doctor of lying, accusing this doctor of making it up, accusing Trump of blackmailing the doctor or otherwise threatening the doctor to report things that were not true....The allegation here, the reckless allegation, the willing desire to destroy a doctor’s career and reputation, all in pursuit of getting rid of Donald Trump....

This doctor is just another person to be destroyed and sent packing on the road to getting rid of Trump. I mean, this is serious stuff, to accuse a White House doctor, any doctor of lying about it, making it up, accusing the president of threatening if they didn’t make it up.
Now, I’ve often believed that people who make those kinds of allegations are actually people who do those things, who have experience doing those things, and that’s why the allegation so easily rolls off their tongue....They’re already participating in a totally made-up lie and hoax, and that is the Trump dossier. And I don’t know whether they believe that dossier is real or whether they know it’s a hoax. What I do know is they are relishing in passing it off as real.

So they really believe, even though...there isn’t a shred of evidence there was any collusion whatsoever, except between Democrats and Russia. Despite the fact there’s no evidence, they wholeheartedly endorse it and believe it and think all kinds of cheating was going on. And then the same people come along and accuse the White House doctor of making it up and lying, and the president being complicit in it.

It produced this. We have about a minute and a half of a montage here of a bunch of reporters in the White House press corps asking some of the silliest, stupidest, most ridiculous questions about Trump’s health.

[Following, montage of 20 media quotes, transcribed from audio:]

JON KARL: Can you explain to me how a guy who eats McDonald’s (laughter) and Kentucky Fried Chicken and all those Diet Cokes, and who never exercises, is in as good a shape as you say he’s in?

HALLIE JACKSON: Can you assess the president’s mental fitness for office?

JOHN ROBERTS: How much weight have you suggested the president lose?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Cholesterol over 220. Do you hope to get it under 200?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Are you ruling out things like early onset Alzheimer’s? Are you looking at dementia?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Does he have heart disease?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: The 25th Amendment, a lot of people in the country have been talking about it.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you believe he is fit for duty?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: He sounds like he has the sniffles.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you have a life expectancy range for him? Is he limited to one scoop of ice cream now?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Is there anything you’re keeping from us for privacy reasons?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Are you confident of his prostate health?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Waist measurement for the president? His weight, I think he’s at 239, right? Seems just shy of obesity.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: It’s recommended that most Baby Boomers get screened for hepatitis C. Did you do a Hep C test?
UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Some of the President’s friends have told reporters in the past they think he’s a germaphobe, that he washes his hands obsessively.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: When the president has a colonoscopy at the next physical, will he be sedated?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you keep a tally of how much golf the U.S. president plays?


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Does this president ask you about how he could follow his predecessor’s example to be as fit as Barack Obama was?

RUSH:...Do you believe this stuff, folks? (impression)...Folks, when I say that they believe it, whoever got this 25th Amendment business going? You know, it’s been out there. This has been a Drive-By story for many weeks now, and the thrust of it is that Trump is unstable. He’s unfit. The lying, filled-with-errors Michael Wolff book suffices as evidence for these people that Trump is unfit!

That he’s mentally unstable, that he’s in early onset dementia or Alzheimer’s and that the cabinet and several members of Congress need to get together and enforce the 25th Amendment, basically throw Trump out of office. Okay. They’ve been reporting that so long, it’s now real. They believe it. It’s not just a prop....And, by the way, first question: “Explain to me how a guy who eats McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, all those Diet Cokes… Explain to me how he’s in as good a shape as he is?” You can’t…
A lot of these guys in the media are Millennials. They’ve grown up believing that McDonald’s is destroying the planet. They have grown up believing that eating cheeseburgers is deadly. They have grown up believing that cow farts (methane) is destroying the ozone layer and promoting climate change. They have grown up believing this! Their schoolteachers have told them this....

They cannot deal with it and they cannot accept it. “Can you assess the president’s mental fitness for office?” “Does he have heart disease?” “The 25th Amendment! A lot of people in the country have been talking about it.” So what? Doesn’t mean anything. “Do you feel he’s fit for duty?” “It sounds like he has the sniffles!” “Do you have a life expectancy range for him?”

And you heard the attempt here at getting at 239 pounds versus the height and would that be obese or any of this. But, I mean, the childishness and the ignorance and the prejudice. You can see the education these people are the product of and it’s scary. And these are supposedly the best journalism has to offer. These are the people with the top jobs, folks, and they are children. They’re dangerously unqualified, incurious, fact-absent, totally propagandized young kids.


RUSH: From The Daily Caller: Journalists Unable to Accept Results of Trump’s Physical Exam.” By the way, one of the big aspects of this was the cognizant exam, and the White House doctor spent a lot of time explaining that Trump is thoroughly cognizant. He’s aware. He’s coordinated. There’s no delayed physiological reflex, mental actions whatsoever. He’s operating at near 100% in all these measurements, and they simply can’t believe it and they think the guy is making it up....

And the doctor said Trump ordered it because he knows there are people who are saying that he’s behaving otherwise....


“Journalists Unable to Accept Results of Trump’s Physical Exam.” Maggie Haberman of the New York Times said that Dr. Johnson [Jackson], the White House physician, “may have arbitrarily made Trump one inch taller so that he would not have an obese body mass index.” She tweeted, “Remember that earlier physicals decades ago put Trump at 6-2. This physical has him at 6-3. It makes a difference on his BMI from overweight to obese.”

This is pathetic. These people are…What’s the word? They’re obsessed, and the poison with which they’re obsessed is hatred. Hatred and resentment. But they are literally boiling with rage each and every day. I guess they expected these results to be deadly for Trump, maybe even in a literal sense, and they just can’t accept what they heard. It’s too good. It defies what they know to be true....

RUSH: In regard to the president’s health...It was on November 17, and it was right after Trump was elected, to the shock and dismay of many. Something that had always impressed me about Trump is his energy level during the campaign, starting with that day in 2015 when he announced.

He had all those rallies. He was doing, in some cases, three a day. 

There were a couple of days he did four. They weren’t just land and shake some hands and get back on the plane and fly to the next one. These were hour to hour-and-a-half rallies with anywhere from 15 to 25,000 people with a lot of autographs being signed afterwards. They were full-fledged shows, and I was amazed by it because the president’s 70 years old.

The candidate, at the time, is 70 years old. And remember, on the other side, we had Hillary Clinton, who had to take two weeks off just to get ready for a debate! Hillary Clinton, the health news about her was not good. She was having seizures, been having trouble standing up, wearing Coke bottle glasses. The media was not interested in her health problems whatsoever, and I made this observation two days after the election….
So here’s the White House doctor yesterday. This is, again, White House Dr. Ronny Jackson speaking to the Drive-By Media briefing them on the president’s health.

JACKSON: One of the things being with the president on the day-to-day basis that has been impressive to me, he has a lot of energy and a lot of stamina. I first noticed that, you know, we traveled--did some overseas travel--last year; and I was really surprised because I didn’t know the president early on. We’d get these 14-, 16-hour days, and the staff is just spent after a while. I’ll tell you, out of everybody there, the president had more stamina and more energy than just about anybody there.

RUSH: That was plain as day to see. You don’t need a doctor telling you that. The press corps was there, they were covering it, and it was easy for people to see. And yet they’re living in utter denial now of the doctor’s medical report on President Trump.... 


RUSH: The Drive-Bys are going nuts, how can the guy be this healthy? They don’t believe it. They think the doctor’s making it up, that Trump has made him lie to them...Because these people, don’t forget, they’re liberals. They believe that only they are qualified to tell you how to live and how to behave in order to live a long life.

They have all the answers....And it’s all rooted in their utopia. And in order for their utopia to ever happen, they have to be able to deny you freedom. They have to be able to control what you do, what you say, what you think, what you eat, what you don’t eat. 

And that’s how they get to their utopia, because you cannot be left alone. You cannot be trusted to do the right things with your money, with your life, with your kids!...

He’s not taking any prescription meds other than something for that, Crestor or some such thing as that. The point of all this is the media getting all this, go into that room thinking that they’re going to learn that he’s got early onset Alzheimer’s. Folks, they believe this stuff! Do not doubt me. They believe it, hope it, a combination of the two that ends up becoming their reality."...(images above from


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Comment: The media are able to act this way because the entire political class is behind them. Enemy #1 is anyone who doesn't vote Democrat. Today that means 63 million Trump voters-who  still have no political party behind them. The two political parties have the same America Gone agenda: open borders, extreme globalism, endless foreign wars paid for by US taxpayers, and massive free trade deals. There's no money in putting America First. Trillions of dollars are staked on keeping Americans in chains.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Republican wins special election for Iowa State House seat 55%-44% over the Democrat. Republicans control both House and Senate in Iowa-Sioux City Journal, 1/17/18

2152R-1712D, 55%-44%, all precincts reporting

1/17/18, "Bossman wins special election for Woodbury County legislative seat," Sioux City Journal. Bret Hayworth

"Winning in his second try in less than two years for the Iowa House District 6 seat, Jacob Bossman will join the Iowa Legislature for essentially a one-year term.

Bossman, a Republican from Sioux City, defeated Rita DeJong, the Democratic candidate from Sioux City. The vote total reported after the close of polls at 9 p.m. Tuesday was 2,152 for Bossman and 1,712 for DeJong. 

"I think it was just the hard work of myself and the campaign. I didn't take anything for granted and was out working this morning," Bossman said of his victory on Tuesday night, 20 minutes after polls closed. 

The special election was the first test of the state's new voter ID law. Woodbury County poll workers were trained on the new photo-ID requirement and were well versed for implementing it, said Woodbury County Auditor Pat Gill. 

Besides requiring ID and signature verification at the polls, the law also ended straight-party voting and shortened the period for early voting from 40 to 29 days. 

With the Bossman win, Republicans moved to hold 59 of 100 seats in Iowa House. They also control the Iowa Senate, now two weeks into the legislative session that will run for 100 days to late April. 

House District 6, which covers Sioux City, Sergeant Bluff, Bronson and Salix, leans favorably for Republicans. There are 7,778 voters registered as Republicans, 5,013 as Democrats and 6,617 as no party, according to election data as of Jan. 1.

"The Republicans turned out," Bossman said. 

Bossman, 37, is regional director for U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley. Bossman during the campaign said he would support "sound budgeting practices and hold the line on reckless spending," as a way to avoid tapping emergency state budget funds during a tight financial year. Bossman also pointed to the need for a "simple, fair tax code that will make our economy more competitive with neighboring states." 

DeJong , 64, is a retired educator from the Sioux City Community School District. It was her first run for elective office. DeJong campaigned on the need to increase spending on education and to boost ways to access affordable healthcare. 

Bossman said his understanding is that final election results will be certified by the Secretary of State's Office on Monday, and he could be sworn in as soon as Jan. 23. 

Bossman lost a bid for Iowa House District 6 in 2016, losing the Republican Party primary to Jim Carlin. After one year in the Iowa House, Carlin shifted to the state's other chamber, winning an open Senate District 3 seat in a Dec. 12 special election. The outcome set up the need for another quick special election with the Legislature entering its second week of the new session."


Republican Nancy Mace wins South Carolina Statehouse special election. Ms. Mace worked on Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign as South Carolina coalitions and social media director. In 1999 she was first woman graduate of Citadel's Corps of Cadets-Post and Courier, 1/16/18

1/16/18, "Republican Nancy Mace wins Statehouse District 99 election," Post and Courier, Caitlin Byrd (South Carolina) 

"Nancy Mace, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets in 1999, can add state lawmaker to her list of accomplishments. 

The Daniel Island Republican defeated her Democratic challenger Cindy Boatwright on Tuesday in a special election for House District 99.

Early results show Mace garnered about 57 percent of the vote compared to Boatwright's 43 percent, according to unofficial results. 

On a county-level, Boatwright defeated Mace in Charleston County by a 687-634 tally, with more than 80 percent of precincts reporting. But Mace won big in Berkeley County by a count of 1,432 to 900, according to unofficial returns. 

Mace was surrounded by friends and family at her Daniel Island home when she learned she had won. 

When Mace is soon sworn into office, she will become the 21st female legislator serving in the S.C. House of Representatives. Four women now serve in the state Senate. 

She will also become the first woman to represent the district, one of the more prosperous zip codes in the region. 

"I don’t look at this as a win for me. I look at this as a win for Berkeley and Charleston counties, for the Lowcountry and for the taxpayers of South Carolina. More importantly, it’s a win for substantive solutions aimed at fixing our most pressing issues – infrastructure, the nuclear power plant mess, education and the sustainability and safety of our communities," Mace said in a 595-word statement following her win. 

Though neither Mace nor Boatwright has previously served in the Statehouse, Mace is hardly a political novice. 

Mace worked as South Carolina coalitions and social media director for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. In 2014 she ran unsuccessfully against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

Charleston Democrats say they not deterred by the night's results."...


Human waste in Port-au-Prince, Haiti is hauled away one bucket at a time from outhouses. This city of 3 million still has no central sewage system in 2017. The pay for emptying outhouses is $4 per day. 1 in 5 Haitians don't even have access to outhouses-NPR, July 2017

For the night's work, "Gabriel will take home four dollars. The company doesn't provide showers, health care or even water for the guys to drink on the job. The four bucks isn't enough to feed Gabriel's three kids."

July 30, 2017, "Haiti's 'Bayakou': Hauling Away Human Excrement By Hand," NPR, Rebecca Hersher 


"Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is one of the largest cities in the world without a central sewage system. Most of the more than 3 million residents use outhouses and rely on workers with some of the worst jobs in the world, hauling away human excrement by hand one bucket at a time. The men are called bayakou, and they work in the dark by candlelight. Rebecca Hersher spent a night with a group of them.

REBECCA HERSHER, BYLINE: As soon as we arrive, you can smell it. It's a heavy, earthy stench, like rotten eggs and grosser things.


An estimated 1 in 5 Haitians don't have access to any kind of latrine. Those who do have outhouses generally hire a bayakou to clean them out. Tonight, a team of four bayakou are emptying one outhouse. One of the guys, Gabriel Toto, is sitting on the edge of the hole, his bare feet in the brown soup below, holding a big stick.


HERSHER: The stick measures about 15 feet deep. Tonight, with a foreign reporter around, Gabriel is wearing knee-length pants and gloves. Usually, he works naked.

TOTO: (Through interpreter) They don't usually give us these gloves and things, when you're not here. 

HERSHER: He grabs a bucket, lights a cigarette and steps into the hole. It's 9:30 p.m.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: So he's going to start now.


HERSHER: The men joke as they work. Every so often, they dump out a bucket and find something weird or dangerous - sticks, rocks, trash, razor blades. At one point, the photographer with me freaks out.


HERSHER: There's a gun in the latrine (laughter).

They look the gun over, determine it doesn't work and move on. It takes about three hours for Gabriel to empty the hole. By the end, he's sweating and covered in human waste. His gloves are ripped.

Have you ever been injured?

TOTO: (Through interpreter) I have been injured many places, like my fingers, my arms. And even I have stitches in my legs, on my feet - same situation. I even lost one of my toenails one day when I was working.

HERSHER: Later, another bayakou pulls me aside to show me his eyes, red and pus-filled with an infection he says he's had for years. Most bayakou teams dump the waste wherever they can. About 53,000 gallons of human waste makes its way into city canals and roadside ditches every day in Port-au-Prince. It spreads disease. Haiti is still in the midst of a cholera epidemic. It catches fire during rainstorms. The contents of your outhouse might just show up unannounced in your living room. But tonight, the drums are being trucked to a safer, more official place, the only sewage treatment plant in Haiti because, tonight, these bayakou are working for one of the two big sanitation companies in Port-au-Prince.

FLAURE DUBOIS: Us as a company - as a private company, we make sure that they are going the right place. They load the drums into a truck. And it's our driver.

HERSHER: Flaure Dubois is the financial director at Jedco. She and the company's operations manager, Rudy Riviere, say one way to make Haiti's sanitation system better is to professionalize the bayakou business.

RUDY RIVIERE: Haitians do not mind paying for something. But they just want to understand what they're getting for it.

HERSHER: For example, Jedco has been advertising the dangers of raw sewage. If people are afraid, maybe they'll pay to have it trucked away rather than dumped into an open canal. The obvious upside for the company is more customers and more money. Back at the sewage treatment plant, it's 2:30 in the morning, and the bayakou who are blasting tunes out of the truck while they unload the night's haul.


HERSHER: Gabriel is standing in the parking lot, shirtless and wet from a bucket bath in the back of the truck. Of the $175 that Jedco got from tonight's client, Gabriel will take home four dollars. The company doesn't provide showers, health care or even water for the guys to drink on the job. The four bucks isn't enough to feed Gabriel's three kids. And bayakou and their families are stigmatized and even ostracized. It's one of the reasons they only work in the dark.

TOTO: (Through interpreter) So many times, I've been humiliated by the work that I'm doing. You have seen what I've done. Some people will never stand close to me - like talking to me the same way that you are talking to me as close as you are. Like, they will stay away from me.

HERSHER: He says getting people to pay to have their sewage trucked out of the city isn't enough to change the culture around sanitation in Haiti. People also need to respect those who do the dirty work, which starts with better pay and basic health care.

TOTO: (Through interpreter) The first people who should give value to the work that we are doing are those people at the company. And, you know, when they sit behind their desk in the AC, they don't care. They don't take care of us. So if they don't give value to what we are doing, who else will give value to that?

HERSHER: But he's not holding his breath for things to change. He says his dream is to get his driver's license. God willing, he says, his children will never do this work. For NPR News, I'm Rebecca Hersher in Port-au-Prince.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: This story was supported by a grant from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting."



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