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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trump administration fights to protect America Last hiring program that ensures constant downward pressure on US wages, gives work visas to 300,000+ foreign graduates of US colleges yearly. "OPT" program punishes 800,000 American students yearly by forcing them to compete against government-subsidized foreigners for jobs. Court decision in 3 months-Neil Munro, Breitbart...(Like the "Diversity Lottery," the rubes it intended to harm were the last to know)

"Foreign OPT workers are often willing to accept lower wages in the hope of getting U.S. residency--so forcing down wages paid to Americans....Universities use the work-permit program to win fee-paying students from abroad, and the companies use the program to get cheap workers."

2/22/18, "Feds Hid White-Collar Outsourcing Program From the Public, Says Judge," Neil Munro, Breitbart

"Federal officials excluded the public when they created a program to help U.S. companies hire hundreds of thousands of foreign graduates in place of American graduates, a D.C. Appeals Court judge said February 20. reported the comment, which came during a hearing against the Optional Practical Training outsourcing program:

"The judge also challenged [Justice Department lawyer Scott] Stewart … that the latest tweak represented the first time the government actually opened its considerations of the program to public comment. “The public wasn’t involved” in earlier considerations on statutory authority for the program, Judge Edwards told Stewart."

Federal law requires the public be allowed to comment when new regulations are created....

John Miano [is] the lawyer for the Immigration Reform Law Institute. On behalf of the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, Miano is suing to shut down the federal “Optional Practical Training” program because the OPT program was illegally created....

The OPT program gives work visas to more than 300,000 foreign graduates of U.S. universities and college each year.

The program harms the 800,000 Americans students who graduate each year with skilled degrees in healthcare, business, accounting, math, science, computers and engineering, by forcing them to compete for jobs against government-subsidized foreigners.

The OPT program also generates a multi-billion dollar bonanza for universities and companies. The universities use the work-permit program to win fee-paying students from abroad, and the companies use the program to get cheap workers and also to pocket the Social Security and Medicare taxes they would otherwise have to pay American hires.

President Donald Trump promised a “Buy American, Hire Americans” policy on Inauguration Day, but lawyers at the departments of justice and homeland are trying to protect the agency-created program.

The lawsuit has been underway for a decade because prior judges have tried to dismiss the case for different reasons, forcing the institute to make their appeal to the three-judge appeal court. 

There has been a “complete breakdown of judicial review— the courts have not wanted to reach a decision,” said Miano. 

A key legal issue is whether the government can use the law allowing work permits for foreign students to also grant work permits to ex-students. “None of these Appeals Court judges are buying [the claim] that these are students,” said Miano. 

According to, the judge also slammed the lower court judge for dismissing Miano’s well-argued lawsuit:

"U.S. Circuit Judge Harry T. Edwards questioned the “weird charade” that saw the district court dismiss the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers’ lawsuit in part for an insufficiently pled complaint. Judge Edwards said the complaint appeared to adequately challenge the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on its 2016 expansion of the “optional practical training” program that by statute is supposed to be limited to students …"

Edwards also slammed the Justice Department’s lawyer for evasive claims, according to, which said:

"Stewart tried arguing that Washtech’s filings were difficult to read and that some responses “were extremely short,” but those contentions made little headway with Judge Edwards, who wondered why the government didn’t admit it was wrong on the pleading point and move on. At one point, he called government contentions that Washtech had conceded arguments “the height of chutzpah.”"

The judges are likely to announce their verdict in three months, said Miano. They can dismiss the appeal, tell the lower-court judges to proceed with the lawsuit, or even resolve the lawsuit themselves, he said. “If this lawsuit gets to a final decision by a court of appeals, it is clear what the decision will be,” he added. 

The article is here.

The OPT program is politically powerful because it is a bonanza for the universities and white-collar employers in the United States.

The program offers work permits to an unlimited number of foreign workers, allowing them to work for up to three years after their graduation in the United States in a wide variety of healthcare, business, or technology jobs. That program allows U.S. universities to effectively sell work-permits to foreign customers and it encourages more college departments to get their program included in the OPT program.

Companies also profit because the foreign OPT workers are often willing to accept lower wages in the hope of getting U.S. residency — so forcing down wages paid to Americans. Also, companies do not need to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes when they hire foreign OPT graduates instead of American graduates. That 15 percent tax break is worth several billion dollars every few years to company shareholders.

The OPT program is huge — and growing rapidly. In June 2017, the Department of Homeland Security provided participation data to Breitbart News.

American white-collar journalists have almost entirely missed the economic threat caused by the rapid outsourcing allowed by the OPT program. Instead, journalists have been nudged to focus their emotion and attention on the roughly 700,000 blue-collar ‘dreamer’ illegal immigrants who are seeking jobs sought by blue-collar Americans.

The OPT outsourcing program grew rapidly during Obama’s tenure partly because his deputies extended the OPT work permits up to three years, amid lobbying pressure by U.S. technology companies. The companies view the OPT program as a way to hire cheap, high-IQ foreigners in place of Americans, and as an entry ramp for foreign students into the H-1B and EAD outsourcing programs.

The OPT program operates alongside the H-1B, L-1, TN and J-1 programs, which together keep an estimated population of more than 1 million foreign white-collar guest-workers working for low wages in American jobs. The similar “Employment Authorization Document” rules allow another 2 million workers — including many graduates — to take jobs in the United States before they get green cards.

DHS officials also cited the 1324a claim in a 2017 decision and their plans for 2018 rule-making: “Section 274A(h)(3)(B) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1324a(h)(3)(B), recognizes the Secretary’s discretionary authority to extend employment authorization.”

These various outsourcing programs are hidden by complexity and media passivity. For example, many media outlets report that the H-1B program brings in only 85,000 people a year, even though the program keeps a population of at least 450,000 white-collar workers in the United States. 

In general, companies want to maximize the supply of foreign graduates because the extra supply reduces the wages paid to their white-collar workforce. For example, many companies are now backing a proposed law by GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch that would allow U.S. companies to hire an unlimited supply of foreign graduates in place of American graduates and their college-trained children. The white-collar outsourcing has been very successful, and white-collar wages have remained flat for many years while profits and stock values have zoomed upwards."


Mother of Sandy Hook school killer wrote her son a check to buy a gun as a Christmas present days before he committed Dec. 2012 mass murder of Sandy Hook school children. The son shot his mother dead with a gun legally owned by her before going to school and killing the children-Yahoo News, 11/25/2013

Sandy Hook killer's mother "was not allowed to enter his room." If she had entered, she might have known her son "extensively researched other mass shootings--including the Columbine shootings--and had compiled a spreadsheet about them."

11/25/2013, "Sandy Hook report: Shooter’s mom wanted to buy him gun for Christmas," Yahoo News, Liz Goodwin, Sr. National Affairs Reporter

"The mother of mass killer Adam Lanza wrote her son a check to buy a pistol as a Christmas present in the days leading up to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, according to an official report out Monday.

Nancy Lanza--who was killed by her 20-year-old son last December [2012] before he killed six women and 20 children at the Connecticut elementary school--told friends a month before the shooting that she was concerned about her son. He had not left the house for three months, and he communicated with her only via email, she said. She was not allowed to enter his room.

But despite what seemed like mental health warning signs, the police found a check in the Lanza home for a CZ 83 pistol, which Nancy Lanza intended to give to her son over the holidays, according to a report released by a Connecticut state's attorney. The check’s date section read “Christmas Day.

“The mother wanted to buy the shooter a CZ 83 pistol for Christmas and had prepared a check for that purchase to give the shooter,” the report reads.

The Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle Lanza used in the elementary school, as well as the four other weapons recovered from the crime scenes, belonged to his mother. She purchased them legally, and had a permit for their use. The report doesn’t make it clear whether Nancy Lanza had the weapons locked away in her home or whether her son had free access to them.

Adam Lanza frequently went target shooting with his mother and brother between 2010 and 2012, and had taken rifle safety classes with them. Fifty-two-year-old Nancy Lanza used target practice as a way to bond with her withdrawn and troubled son, according to a February Hartford Courant/Frontline investigation.

This fact led some to blame Nancy Lanza for her son’s crimes, even though she was one of his 27 victims. In the days after the shooting, the New York Post plastered her photo on its front page, with the headline, "Gun-obsessed mom taught murderer son to shoot."

Her friends defended her from the criticism, saying she taught him gun safety and spent much of her time trying to help her son navigate his many mental health issues. "She's been described as some sort of gun nut or survivalist and this other misconception that she was a bad mother," Nancy Lanza’s friend John Bergquist told Frontline. But he said her life "revolved around caring for Adam."

Nancy Lanza did not fear that her son was violent, but she was concerned about his behavior, the state’s attorney’s report reveals. Lanza had a variety of mental health diagnoses — including obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and Asperger syndrome — but refused all treatment that was recommended to him. 

"The shooter disliked birthdays, Christmas and holidays," the report reads. "He would not allow his mother to put up a Christmas tree. The mother explained it by saying that shooter had no emotions or feelings. The mother also got rid of a cat because the shooter did not want it in the house."

Officials say Lanza’s attack was premeditated and that it’s unknown if his mental health issues contributed to his decision to commit his crimes. He extensively researched other mass shootings — including the Columbine shootings — and had compiled a spreadsheet about them."


2/19/2013, "New photos, details emerge of Newtown mass shooter Adam Lanza," Yahoo News, Liz Goodwin
"Adam is believed to have shot his mother four times in the head as she slept on Dec. 14 before shooting his way into Sandy Hook Elementary, where he attended school as a child, and killing 20 children and six women. He then took his own life....

Nancy raised Adam and his older brother in their Newtown home on her own after she and her husband separated in 2001. In 2009, the couple officially divorced, and Adam abruptly cut off contact with his father in 2010 for reasons that are unclear....

Her friends say Nancy used target practice as a way to bond with her withdrawn son. Police also uncovered thousands of dollars worth of violent video games in the Lanzas' home. Police believe Adam may have been inspired by the video games he played in the attack, since he changed the magazines of his weapons more frequently than was necessary, Frontline reported....

The 20-year-old had been spending more time alone in his mother's $500,000 home in the affluent Connecticut suburb in the months leading up the shooting, Courant reporters Alaine Griffin and Josh Kovner found. Adam's social world gradually began shrinking after he left Newtown High School at the age of 16 to enroll in a nearby college, where he made As and Bs before withdrawing there, as well. Since 2010, Adam had not attended school.... 
In the months before the attack, Nancy took frequent trips and left Adam at home unsupervised--including on one trip this past Thanksgiving--in an attempt to make him more independent."... 


March for Our Lives has financial backing of Bloomberg group, Everytown for Gun Safety, the highest profile gun control group in the US, founded with $50 million Bloomberg pledge-BBC, Washington Post

Bloomberg himself is surrounded by armed bodyguards, a privilege he'd deny others. 1/28/2013, "NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg uses bodyguards to bully journalist in Washington," PJ media...At :20: Mattera to Bloomberg: "In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?" Bloomberg: "Uh, we'll get right back to you." Mattera: "You'll get back to me?...And you're an advocate for gun control?"...  

2/18/18, "In Florida aftermath, US students say 'Never Again'," BBC,

"They have announced the March for Our Lives to take place on 24 March, in conjunction with the Everytown for Gun Safety, calling for the prioritisation of children's lives in the gun control debate."...

6/20/2016, "Inside the Bloomberg-backed gun-control group’s effort to defeat the NRA," Washington Post, Catherine Ho

"Everytown for Gun Safety, the nation’s highest-profile gun-control group, [is] largely bankrolled by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg."...

Added: "March for Our Lives" student founder, Cameron Kasky, recently appeared on CNN. Kasky is on record spewing violent and hateful rhetoric from his Facebook pages, posted below. (He recently scrubbed these pages from his site):

2/22/18, "Schoolboy Cameron Kasky," tcth, sundance 

"As awkward as it is to see a boy utilized as a political tool, note the nuance, comfort, preparation and defensive narrative positioning of the  [CNN] moderator, Jake Tapper. The aggregate event was a very carefully orchestrated pantomime. The boy, Cameron Kasky, is nothing more than a puppet on a string playing a role....

The U.S. media apparatus...consistently indoctrinate and manipulate children. Indeed, in the history of Fabian political advancement children have always been a focus point for advancing their authoritarian control objectives....

Prior to appearing on CNN schoolboy Cameron Kasky scrubbed his Facebook page. However, the internet is forever.

I can’t even fathom the ideological mentality and immaturity of the boy’s parents. This is exactly what setting up a kid for a life of misery and shallowness looks like."...images above from tcth

Added: Bloomberg group, "Everytown for Gun Safety:"

6/20/2016, "Inside the Bloomberg-backed gun-control group’s effort to defeat the NRA," Washington Post, Catherine Ho

"Everytown for Gun Safety, the nation’s highest-profile gun-control group, [is] largely bankrolled by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg....

The [Everytown] Survivor Network is just one component of Everytown’s aggressive crusade to change the gun-control debate in the United States....Everytown is seeking to disrupt the debate with a richly funded, rapid-action and unconventional lobbying campaign that is starting to reap some results at the state level, though federal action is stalled....

Everytown views itself as a counterweight to the powerful National Rifle Association, which has historically dominated the gun-control debate.

“The gun lobby has had its way in state legislatures for decades, had its way in Congress for decades,” said Everytown Executive Director John Feinblatt, a former aide to Bloomberg in the mayor’s office. “They wanted to convince the American public of their invincibility, to convince the American public that what America stood for was guns anywhere, held by anyone, at any time. There has been no friction in many ways.”

Feinblatt’s group is seeking to provide that friction. Since its launch in April 2014, Everytown has grown from about a dozen employees to 130.

Its spending has also exploded. Headquartered in midtown Manhattan, the group spent $37 million in 2014, the most recent year for which there are publicly available tax filings. That included $4.6 million on political campaign activities; $3.5 million on advertising and promotion; $2 million on travel; $1.7 million on lobbying; and $580,000 on polling. When the group launched, Bloomberg pledged $50 million to support the effort.

By comparison, the NRA in 2014 spent $345 million, including $57 million on advertising, $5.8 million on political campaign activities and $1 million on lobbying, according to the group’s tax filings. The NRA says a more comparable figure to Everytown’s $37 million, though, is the $20 million the NRA’s lobbying arm spent in 2014.

Everytown’s tactics do not sit well with everyone. The NRA calls the group’s use of survivors exploitative and says it seeks to restrict Second Amendment rights to further the political agenda of “an anti-gun billionaire.”

“They use tragedy and exploit victims to push their policy agenda because they can’t win the argument based on facts,” said Jennifer Baker, director of public affairs for the NRA’s lobbying arm. “The tragedies Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control group exploit to push their agenda would not have been prevented by the gun-control policies they want to enact.”

Baker countered Everytown’s claim that they are a counterweight to the NRA, citing the NRA’s larger grass-roots network.

“They have a lot of financial resources — that’s why their voice is being heard,” Baker said. “But they will never be able to replicate what the NRA does, because the NRA represents 5 million dues-paying members across the country who believe in the Second Amendment. They have Michael Bloomberg’s checkbook.”

Everytown blends the elements of a national political campaign with traditional shoe-leather lobbying, celebrity endorsements,
a volunteer network, and digital outreach. The group’s leaders say they get money from about 100,000 donors, many of whom give in $10 or $25 increments.

Most unique to Everytown is the way it recruits and leverages survivors personally affected by gun violence, both among its paid staff and in its massive volunteer network.

That is mainly through its Survivors Network, which is growing.

Last year, the group launched a fellowship program — which has since nearly doubled from 35 to 61 fellows — to train survivors of shootings in public speaking, testifying before lawmakers and doing interviews with the media. McNeil, the shooting survivor in Mobile, completed the fellowship this spring.

A number of Everytown’s paid staffers have been personally touched by gun violence, viewing their professional purpose as inextricably intertwined with those experiences.

Colin Goddard, a senior policy advocate in Everytown’s Washington office, was shot four times during the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. The mother of Ashley Cech, a program associate for the Survivor Network, was a librarian during the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting [
enacted with a gun that belonged to the shooter's mother-whom he shot dead before killing the school children] who barricaded a door to keep the shooter out.

Goddard and Cech essentially function as grass-roots lobbyists, knocking on doors to try to persuade voters to support stricter gun laws or vote for supportive candidates. Both were part of the group’s 2014 canvassing effort in Oregon that helped elect two state senators who back universal background checks.

Perhaps more than anyone, Goddard represents the passion and purpose — and, at times, frustration and disenchantment — of being on the front lines of the gun-control movement. Working as an advocate has been therapeutic but not always easy.

“This work is difficult,” Goddard said. “You feel like you make a lot of progress, but then you hear of a shooting and feel like you’re back at square one. . . . I don’t want to do this forever.”

Recruiting survivors to the cause is a delicate dance that, tragically, is often spurred by mass shootings.

To date, Everytown’s most successful growth campaign came in 2014, immediately following the shooting in Isla Vista, where a man killed six people, including 20-year-old Christopher Michaels-Martinez. In the days after, Michaels-Martinez’s father, Richard Martinez, made an emotional plea to the public.

“Today, I’m going to ask every person I can find to send a postcard to every politician they can think of with three words on it: ‘Not one more,’ ” he said in an interview with The Washington Post after the shooting. “People are looking for something to do. I’m asking people to stand up for something. Enough is enough.

Feinblatt was watching Martinez speak and thought out loud: “Can’t we do that? Can we make a tool that you can put your name on and it spits out your address?”

So they did — Everytown’s digital team created an online postcard people could fill in their name on and send to lawmakers. They ended up delivering 1.2 million signed postcards to the White House, Congress and governors’ offices and drew 300,000 new people to join Everytown.

Focused on the states, with an eye on Washington

Everytown’s primary legislative goal is to enact more comprehensive background checks in the states, particularly those where sales — at gun shows, over the Internet, or private ones — can skirt them.

The group runs legislative campaigns in about 30 states at any given time, which include lobbying in state capitols and pushing to elect candidates whose positions echo its own. The effort is gaining traction, but the wins are incremental, labor-intensive and costly.

Since Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Conn., states have collectively enacted 242 new firearms laws. About 40 percent of them strengthen gun laws, and 36 percent weaken them; the remaining have had minimal impact, according a 2015 analysis by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

The group adopted its state-based strategy from the marriage equality movement. And, borrowing a strategy from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Everytown has recruited hundreds of volunteer mothers across the country, called “Moms Demand Action,” to act as their surrogates to testify before local legislators, hold events and rally support.

Everytown has successfully lobbied for the passage of stricter gun laws in five states over the past three years — Oregon, Washington, Connecticut, New York and Delaware — and earlier this year led efforts in Maine and Nevada to get initiatives on the ballot in November. The NRA is fighting both.

But the other side claims just as many victories. The NRA takes particular pride in the outcome of November’s Virginia state Senate race.

Everytown invested $2.3 million in trying to defeat two NRA-backed Republicans and gain a Democratic majority in the state Senate. They defeated one, but Republicans held on to the majority. West Virginia this year enacted legislation that allows people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, despite Everytown’s staunch lobbying against the policy.

Shaping popular culture

Everytown’s campaign also goes well beyond the legislative realm — the group wants to shape the debate in popular culture. It is partnering with celebrities and pushing major retailers such as Chipotle and Target — with some success — to prohibit customers from bringing guns into their stores.

Last Christmas, Everytown partnered with the NBA to produce television commercials featuring Stephen Curry and Chris Paul speaking out against gun violence.

In January, Feinblatt flew to the Sundance Film Festival to help promote three documentaries about gun safety. The following week, the group hosted a show at Gotham Comedy Club in Manhattan, headlined by “Saturday Night Live” alum Rachel Dratch and featuring Fred Armisen.

And in February, it worked with actor Julianne Moore to launch the Everytown Creative Council, a group of 120 actors, directors, comedians and other celebrities."...


On 1/18/2013 Bloomberg was in Washington, DC for a Mayors conference. It was a logical time to ask about the privilege of armed guards he enjoys but would deny others:

Above, 1/18/2013: At :20: Mattera asks Bloomberg: "In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?

Bloomberg: "Uh, we'll get right back to you." Mattera: "You'll get back to me?...
And you're an advocate for gun control?"...

Above, 1/18/2013: At :30, Bloomberg body guard blocks Mattera from speaking to Bloomberg any further.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In 2013 Bloomberg is asked, 'In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?' He responds, 'Uh, we'll get right back to you'-1/18/2013, Bloomberg interviewed in Washington DC

Jan. 28, 2013, "Mayor Bloomberg BUSTED on gun control question," You Tube video

On 1/18/2013 Bloomberg was in Washington, DC for a Mayors conference. It was a logical time to ask about the privilege of armed guards he enjoys but would deny others:

At :20: Mattera to Bloomberg: "In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?

Bloomberg: "Uh, we'll get right back to you."

Mattera: "You'll get back to me? Would you like a sip of my soda? [Mattera displays an an extra-large cup of soda. Bloomberg in 2013 was still trying to ban large sodas in NY City]. Mayor Bloomberg, why can you defend yourself but not the majority of Americans? I mean, look at the team of security you've got. And you're an advocate for gun control?"... 


Added: Additional source for 1/13/2013 interview above:

1/28/2013, "BREAKING: NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg uses bodyguards to bully journalist in Washington (Updated)," pj media, Bryan Preston

"Jason Mattera caught up with New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg at the US Conference of Mayors on January 18 [2013]. Bloomberg has been making headlines lately for pushing gun control, and New York State passed one of the most sweeping gun bans in the nation earlier in January [2013].

Mattera confronts Mayor Bloomberg and asks him to disarm his praetorian guard, in the spirit of gun control. Bloomberg balks.

"Uh, we'll get back to you on that," Bloomberg says. Bloomberg's five visible, and very large and armed, bodyguards get between Mattera and the mayor.

But that's not where the story ends.

Once Mattera's brief conversation with Bloomberg is over, he leaves the scene.

And one of Bloomberg's body guards follows him.

Though the confrontation took place in Washington, D.C., NYPD Officer Stockton claims that he has "security jurisdiction." Officer Stockton then tries to get Jason's personal information. Mattera refuses, so Officer Stockton follows him down the street. The officer is clearly trying to intimidate Mattera for asking Bloomberg a question that made the mayor uncomfortable. There is no reason to believe that the officer is acting without orders from Mayor Bloomberg.

Mattera has been playing clips from the video today on the Andrea Tantaros Show with Jason Mattera."...


Added: Bloomberg sees us as his subjects:

2011, "An Open Letter to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg," from Rabbi Dovid Bendory, Rabbinic Director, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

"Mr. Mayor, your citizen disarmament is an act of hypocrisy. Unlike nearly all the rest of us, everywhere you go you are surrounded by official armed guards, police escorts, and your highly trained personal private bodyguards. (See photo below). Mr. Mayor, is your life worth more than the lives of your fellow citizens? 
Or are we mere “subjects” in your eyes?...

Tyrants like Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao "pioneered the bloody trail of "gun control" in the 20th Century. Why do you so thoughtlessly, in effect, mimic the insidious actions of these monsters?
This apparent elitism on your part makes your recent publicity stunt in Arizona even more cynical. You sent NYPD agents all the way across the country to purchase guns -- but you can't deploy enough police to protect your own City residents?

And if you expose your city’s residents via such a manpower diversion, how do you justify denying these residents the right to protect themselves with a firearm?

Mr. Mayor, do you need a rabbi to tell you that your actions are wrong and immoral?

This nation’s Bill of Rights is a sacrosanct public trust. You are a public servant. You swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. As you blatantly disregard the Second Amendment, the actual “Guardian” of all the rest of the Bill of Rights, I must ask you: 

Did you knowingly lie when you took your oath of office?...

Are you aware that Senator Thomas Dodd asked the Library of Congress to translate the Nazi Gun Control Laws into English for him, and that he incorporated language from these laws into the Gun Control Act of 1968 that he authored? How can it be that you, a Jew, are enforcing Nazi-inspired laws?" image from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Added: Bloomberg's fight to ban big sodas in NY City began in 2012 and ended in 2014:

6/27/2014, "New York’s highest court strikes down New York City big soda ban," Washington Post, Eugene Volokh

"From yesterday’s N.Y. Statewide Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce v. N.Y. City Dep’t of Health & Mental Hygiene (N.Y. June 26, 2014) (a 4-to-2 decision): 

"We hold that the New York City Board of Health, in adopting the “Sugary Drinks Portion Cap Rule,” exceeded the scope of its regulatory authority. By choosing among competing policy goals, without any legislative delegation or guidance, the Board engaged in law-making and thus infringed upon the legislative jurisdiction of the City Council of New York…

“[I]t is the province of the people’s elected representatives, rather than appointed administrators, to resolve difficult social problems by making choices among competing ends.” The focus [of the analysis] must be on whether the challenged regulation attempts to resolve difficult social problems in this manner. That task, policy-making, is reserved to the legislative branch.""...


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Every US baby is born in bondage to the parasitic Endless War Industry currently enraged it's had to wait so long for US taxpayer funded nuclear war with Russia. Utter slime Chertoff among "advisors" at their wits' end itching for Russia war, now reduced to trying to find fake news on twitter via so-called Alliance for Securing Democracy-Adam Carter, Disobedient Media....(Hey Chertoff-How would you make a living if you weren't a blood drenched parasite?)

1/29/18, "Meet The Cabal That Are Framing Domestic American Activism As “Russian Influence” and “Fake News”," Adam Carter, Disobedient Media

"At the beginning of 2017, an initiative was launched by a non-partisan think-tank called the German Marshall Fund US (GMFUS) under the name “The Alliance For Securing Democracy” (ASD). 

During the Summer, ASD started working on a project they called the “Hamilton 68 Dashboard, an effort that was presented to the public as a means of monitoring Russian disinformation efforts on Twitter, apparently boosted by research covering a three year period. 

Over recent months, the press has reported on what the dashboard identifies as Twitter activity from those ASD have classified as Russian or, at least, involved in Russian influence operations. 

Although some in the mainstream press have divulged the association between ASD and GMFUS, hardly anyone has disclosed the affiliations between those running ASD and special interests, or similar connections with the advisory board of GMFUS....

The Alliance For Securing Democracy Advisors

Michael Chertoff

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security from 2005 to 2009
Chertoff Group co-founder (risk-management and security consulting)
Senior of counsel at the Washington, DC law firm Covington and Burling
Chairman of BAE Systems 2012-2015.
Co-Author of the PATRIOT Act.
Endorsed Hillary Clinton.


Michael McFaul

Apecial asst to president and senior director for Russian and Eurasian Affairs at the National Security Council at the White House from 2009 to 2012, then U.S. ambassador to the Russian Federation from 2012–14. Senior fellow at Freeman Spogli Institute for Int. Studies. Peter and Helen Bing senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. NBC analyst, WAPO columnist.


Bill Kristol

Weekly standard editor, Facebook fake-news arbiter
Served on the board of the Project for the New American Century (1997–2005) and the Foreign Policy Initiative (2009–17)
Chief of staff to Vice President Dan Quayle (GWB administration)
Endorsed Hillary Clinton

Michael Morrell

Former acting CIA director 2011, 2012-13 and as deputy director and director for Intelligence.
Beacon Global Strategies
as a senior counselor since November 2013
Played a central role in the United States’ fight against terrorism and was one of the leaders involved in the location and capture of Osama Bin Laden
Wrote an op-ed in the NYT endorsing Hillary Clinton
Proposed giving weapons to Ukraine in response to alleged hacking of US election.


David Kramer
Former senior director Human Rights and Democracy, McCain Institute for International Leadership
Freedom House – former president. Served 8 years in U.S. Department of State under GWB. Advisory council for GWB Presidential Center’s Human Freedom Project.
On board of directors at Halifax International Security Forum. Worked at CSIS in 90s.
Was reportedly directed to meet with Steele in London by McCain
Was a senior fellow at the Project for a New American Century
International Advisory Council at the Center for European Policy Analysis
In addition, Kramer is a member of the Ukraine Today media organization’s International Supervisory Council.
In 2016 Kramer argued that the Minsk II peace agreement should be scrapped and western sanctions on Russia maintained.
Has spoken out against Obama and Clinton in the past.

Toomas Ilves
Elected president of the Republic of Estonia in 2006 and in 2011
Worked on ICT for the UN
Former Vice president of European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee
Former Foreign affairs minister and ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to US and Canada
Is World Economic Forum co-chair. Fellow at the Hoover Institution

James Stavridis

US Navy (ret.) commander of European Command and as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe from 2009 to 2013.
Chairman of US Naval Institute Board of Directors.
U.S. Southern Command in Miami 2006–09 and Enterprise Carrier Strike Group, in Arabian Gulf for Op. Iraqi Freedom and Op Enduring Freedom from 2002–04.
Former NATO Commander


Mike Rogers

Former Congressman, officer in the Army, and FBI special agent. Former chair of U.S. House Intelligence Committee as leader on cybersecurity and national security policy, oversaw the intelligence agencies’ $70 billion budget. CNN national security commentator, hosts and produces CNN’s “Declassified.” Chief Security Adviser to ATandT, on board of IronNet Cybersecurity and MITRE Corporation, advises Next Century Corp. and Trident Capital. Distinguished Fellow and Trustee at Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, Senior Fellow at Belfer Center, Harvard.
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Committee on Energy and Commerce. Introduced CISPA.


Nicole Wong
Former U.S. chief tech officer for Obama. Previously Google’s vice president and deputy general counsel, and Twitter’s legal director for products. Chairs board of Friends of Global Voices. On boards of WITNESS, the Mozilla Foundation,  advisor to the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley,  Harvard Business School Digital Initiative, the DNC Cybersecurity advisory board, Refactor Capital, and Albright Stonebridge Group.
Associate at Perkins Coie LLP in 1997 and was named a partner in 2000. Wong represented media clients including the Los Angeles Times, The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, and before joining Google.


Kori Schake

Former White House National Security Council, Department of Defense for the Office of the Secretary and Joint Chiefs of Staff, State Department for the Policy Planning Staff. In 2008, Kori was senior policy advisor on the McCain–Palin campaign. Research fellow at the Hoover Institution. Co-authored “Warriors and Citizens: American Views of Our Military” with Jim Mattis. Teaches at Stanford, contributing editor covering national security and international affairs at The Atlantic, columnist for Foreign Policy magazine, contributor to War on the Rocks.
Contributed to conceptualizing and budgeting for continued transformation of defense practices, the most significant realignment of U.S. military forces and bases around the world since 1950, creating NATO’s Allied Command Transformation and the NATO Response Force, and recruiting and retaining coalition partners for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Julianne Smith

Deputy national security advisor to Joe Biden (2012 to 2013), acting national security advisor to Biden in 2013, principal director for European and NATO policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense in the Pentagon.
Senior fellow and director of the Transatlantic Security Program at the Center for a New American Security.
Contributor to Foreign Policy.


Jake Sullivan

Obama admin national security advisor to Joe Biden, director of Policy Planning at the U.S. Department of State, deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He was the senior policy advisor on Secretary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He is now a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Martin R. Flug visiting lecturer in law at Yale Law School.
– Was spoken of as a front-runner for the position of U.S. National Security Advisor under a Hillary Clinton administration prior to her electoral defeat. 
There are quite a few Democratic party figures, people that worked in the state department, people that endorsed Clinton, Foreign Policy publication contributors, people that have worked on the National Security Committee and those with ties to the US intelligence community and NATO.

I can’t speak for others, but personally, when it comes to considering all the affiliations, associations, influences and endorsements – I struggle to see how such a collective can be expected to carry out the role of an impartial arbiter on the topic of disinformation.

While they remain opaque on what they’ve classify as “Russian influence” and “disinformation”, there’s little reason to assume the results of their efforts will inherently be credible.

Twitter contradicting their assertions obviously does their credibility no favors either."

For more information about ASD’s advisors/staff, check out Glenn Greenwald’s Intercept article on the topic."



Florida school shooter's former guardian kicked him out of her Florida trailer after a dispute over his gun collection. Shooter's 17 year old brother was committed by guardian the day after the massacre. Now guardian seeks control of shooter's inheritance from his deceased mother-NY Post

2/20/18, "Woman who cared for Florida shooter wants control of his inheritance," NY  Post, by Laurie Mizrahi and Max Jaeger, Parkland, Florida

"The woman left in charge of the accused Florida school shooter and his brother after their mom died last year filed court papers the day after the massacre seeking to be put in charge of the dead woman’s will — then had the alleged shooter’s brother involuntarily committed, a source close to the family revealed to The Post.

Shooter Nikolas Cruz, 19, and brother Zachary Cruz, 17, were put in the care of Roxanne Deschamps after their mom, Lynda Cruz, died from pneumonia on Nov. 1, but Deschamps kicked Nikolas out of her Lantana, Fla., trailer after a standoff over Cruz’s gun collection.

She even took $2,900 from the teen before giving him the boot, a source close to Deschamps told The Post.

Police say Nikolas admitted that he shot up his former high school Feb. 14, killing 17 and injuring 15 in the worst school shooting since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

The following day, Deschamps filed a petition to administer Lynda’s estate, court records obtained by The Post show.

If the petition is granted, she would be responsible for settling Lynda’s debts and doling out the kids’ inheritance. Lynda did not leave a will, and the petition filed does not indicate what her estate is worth, records show.

A family who took Nikolas in said he stood to inherit $800,000 on his 22nd birthday following his mom’s death.

Cruz told them he believed Deschamps was trying to steal his inheritance.

If Deschamps’ petition is granted, she could charge the estate a fee for settling it for the kids, though that fee would be subject to a judge’s review, according to Florida probate lawyer Robert Wolf, who is not involved in the case.

Deschamps filed the petition on the grounds she is “caring for a 50 percent minor beneficiary” — Zachary — according to court papers.

But the source said Deschamps was the one who had Zachary involuntarily committed on Friday. The state cannot hold minors for observation more than 12 hours unless there is a medical reason. It is unclear if he has been released.

Deschamps had six months from Lynda’s Nov. 1 death to file the petition, and her attorney Audra Simovitz called the decision to file the day after the slaughter “appropriate.”

Deschamps has declined to comment.

Cruz could still get his share if convicted, though “anything that boy inherits — he’s gonna be sued and it’s gonna be taken away,” Wolf said."


Total Russian trolls spent on key swing states: Pennsylvania $300, Michigan $823, Wisconsin $1979, per Senate Intelligence Committee. Per Facebook, over half the money was spent AFTER the election-Mark Simone, Byron York

Per Senate Intelligence Committee, total Russian trolls spent "rigging" key states:

Wisconsin: $1979
Michigan: $823
Pennsylvania: $300

From Mark Simone Twitter, 2/19/18

Additional source:

"Looking at key states, the total spent on ads targeting the super-important state of Pennsylvania was just $300, according to Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr. Ad spending in another key state, Michigan, was $823. In Wisconsin, it was $1,979....

"Facebook said that of ad "impressions"...just 44 percent came before the election, while 56 percent came after the election, and thus did not affect its outcome. And about 25 percent of the ads were never seen by anyone, Facebook added."...

2/20/18, "A Non-Alarmist Reading of the Mueller Russia Indictment," Byron York, 



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